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This Is Hardcore Is Dead

Last week was the last ever show on Human FM, and probably the last ever anywhere. Thanks to everyone who listened, contributed, read these posts, came in to host a show with me etc. Most of all, thanks to Human FM for giving me/us a show in the first place. You can and should still tune in to them at Goodnight, and good luck.


Something To Do

Lost Classics: The Nerves – The Nerves

"the Nerves", "the nerves ep"

This week’s Lost Classic isn’t actually an album, rather a four track EP by The Nerves, a great, largely unheard 70’s power trio from Los Angeles. Though they only managed to stay together long enough for the one self-titled 1976 release, they did manage to make an impression on Blondie, who covered their Hanging On The Telephone. The other three songs are similarly catchy, perfect pop. The sort of songs that should’ve been the start of a brilliant career.

There weren’t many copies of the EP pressed, so needless to say, if you see a copy, buy it immediately. It has been reissued recently with additional material (buy here), and I’ve seen a couple of live bootlegs, but these are still too hard to find for something this essential. Luckily, you can stream the entire thing below. You’re welcome.

Hanging On The Telephone

When You Find Out

Give Me Some Time

Workin’ Too Hard

Back Soon…

happy new year pirate rat

We’ll be back on Tuesday the 5th for our first show of the decade. Listen to it, as always, here, or on 88.1 if’n yr near Kelburn

Last Last Night

Here’s the playlist from our show on Tuesday. We were joined by special guest Sam form Chicago, so thanks to her.

Jarvis Cocker tonight, woo!

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Show From 20-10-2k9 And Cover Songs With Heaven In The Title

Our next show (27th Oct) is going to be a covers special. From Dinosaur Jr.’s reworking of The Cure’s Just Like Heaven to Die Zorros’ spaghetti western styled Stairway To Heaven they’ll all be covered (haha). If you have a favourite cover version you’d like to hear on This Is Hardcore add it to the comments section.

Dinosaur Jr. – Just Like Heaven

Die Zorros – Stairway To Heaven

Playlist from our last show after the jump.

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The Love Language

042609_LoveLanguageNorth Carolina’s The Love Language may tour and play as a seven piece, but they are the sole vision of multi-instrumentalist Stu McLamb. Recorded by McLamb on a four track in his bedroom, their self-titled debut is a starkly intimate affair. Spector-esque pop stripped down to reveal beautiful flaws, The Love Language play some of the most personal, lovelorn lo-fi I’ve ever heard. These songs would be fantastic however they were presented, but the scratchy echoes really make them more personal, which given the subject matter adds another dimension. For an album full of songs about relationships gone and those that will never have the chance it manages to remain strangely uplifting – probably because you know it’ll get better, probably because you’ve been there before.

It’s one of my very favourite releases this year and one that seems to have been a bit neglected. Enjoy these songs below and if they please you buy here.

The Love Language – Sparxxx

The Love Language – Lalita

The Love Language – Providence