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Something To Do



In light of a good friend of mine going to see the magnificent HEALTH in Glasgow, I thought I’d post this video. Ahhh, it brings back all sorts of awesome memories. Needless to say, if you ever get a chance to see these guys, DO IT.

Pick Out Some Brazilian Nuts For Your Engagement

Sorry about the lack of a show last night, we were flying home from seeing Pavement’s first show in over ten years at the Auckland Town Hall. So you understand then. Good. As for Pavement, they were outstanding, see below:

Back next week.

Go See This Show

Dial Square Double Ya D

Just finished making this flyer for Dial Square‘s show with Double Ya D. It’s on Thursday March 4 at Watusi and is some of the best value for money fun in Wellington at only $5. I’ve seen Dial Square play a few times now and they have gotten better each time to the point that I will declare them one of the Wellington scene’s hottest acts, the fact that I make their posters notwithstanding… Anyway, bands start at 9pm, so get there beforehand for a drink.

The 3Ds

Go see these guys. Just do it.

Last Week

Sorry for the lack of new posts, we’ve been busy going out to shows nearly every night for the past week or two. Saw some great bands too, The Dodos, Neko Case, The Books, Camera Obscura, Surf Friends, Dial Square, Orchestra Of Spheres, The Handsome Family and likely some other cool shit that’s escaped my mind for the minute, it’s already been a great summer. Last week’s playlist is after the jump, but Yo La Tengo are playing Feb 9 in Wellington at San Fransisco Bathhouse, so here’s a video to tempt you along:

Tickets are on sale from Slowboat Records and undertheradar, it’ll be so, so worth it!

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What You Should All Do This Weekend