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Check It Out! Wise Blood

Wise Blood sound like what would happen if Girl Talk liked better music and cared more about “composition” and “making songs”. So pretty, prettay good. Their/his/hers (?) ep ‘+’ is free at the other end of this link (via bandcamp)


May I Escort You To The Cinema?

We’re big fans of Bangs here at TIHC, and I’m totally¬† jonesin’ for the Melbourne based rapper to come visit us in Wellington. Now that he seems to be getting some serious internet presence, maybe I’ll get my wish. Until then, I’ll just keep checking out updates on his website and listening to his single Take U To Da Movies. I encourage you to avail yourself of it on iTunes, because I know what else you like.


In light of a good friend of mine going to see the magnificent HEALTH in Glasgow, I thought I’d post this video. Ahhh, it brings back all sorts of awesome memories. Needless to say, if you ever get a chance to see these guys, DO IT.

Lost Classics: Millie Jackson’s Caught Up

Millie Jackson's Caught Up Album Cover

Millie Jackson’s career began in the early 1970’s- never having had any professional training as a singer, she compensated by embellishing her songs with what we’d call rap sections. Hugely innovative for the time, nowadays Millie is mostly known for some questionable cover art on past albums; when what she should really be canonised for is the amazing Caught Up. First released in 1974, it’s got to be my favorite soul album. A tightly realised concept album, it’s a riff on a love triangle with half of the album sung from the perspective of a mistress of a married man, and the other half from the perspective of his wife.

What is amazing is what Millie does with what can often be a really tired narrative- she takes it some where that feels raw, and for want of a better way to put it, real. Millie has a super expressive soul voice, slightly husky, charming and conversational, especially in her spoken sections of songs, where I feel as though I’m listening to a friend in a dilemma. She has that kind of intimacy about her. My favorite track from the mistress’s point of view, ‘(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don’t Want To Be Right’ has a kind of bravado, a mistress who feels conflicted but at the same time unrepentant about her love, justifying her relationship and at the same time extolling the virtue of independence that one could have as she does. While in my pick from the Wife’s view ‘It’s All Over But The Shouting’, we hear the implications of the infidelity and the Wife’s state of mind, which moves from rage, pride and righteous anger, to tiredness and sadness. In other words, Millie runs us the full gamut of emotions in the complicated business of relationships. Backed by the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, the music is faultless and the musicians seem to trace and follow the vocal with a real intuitive bent, mirroring Millie- if she’s up, we get punchy horns, if tired, a slow groove. One more thing- the tracks below will cut off abruptly, this is because the album is recorded as a suite, not quite so suited to MP3 sized snippets I’m afraid.

Anyway, I can’t possibly say how much I love this album, so have a listen to the tracks below and grab it if you can. I’ve not seen a copy on vinyl around, and as far as I can tell it hasn’t been reissued. If you’re hankering after more Millie, I can also strongly recommend Still Caught Up, which continues the concept with more wonderful results!

(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don’t Want To Be Right

The Rap

It’s All Over But The Shouting

The Mint Chicks – Bad Buzz EP

The Mint Chicks Bad Buzz Cover

Last week we played Bad Buzz by The Mint Chicks on the show. If you enjoyed it, and if you have ears you probably enjoyed it, buy the EP here through Music Hype and Band Camp. It’s cheap! And Great!

R.I.P. Alex Chilton

In what surely has to be the worst year in recent memory for great musicians dying, Alex Chilton passed away today aged 59 from a heart attack. Next week’s show will be a tribute to him. I could not be more bummed out about this. More from Rolling Stone.

Lost Classics: The Len Bright Combo

The Len Bright Combo

Last night’s highlighted lost classic was a (completely) forgotten (absolute) gem from Wreckless Eric’s discography; 1986’s The Len Bright Combo present The Len Bright Combo by the Len Bright Combo. An album so unjustly overlooked it doesn’t even have a wikipedia page. Nor does The Len Bright Combo. Information is a bit hard to come by, and sadly the likelihood of ever spotting a physical copy on shelves is next to none. This ought not to be the case, as the AMG review states “…peerless merging of pristine pop songwriting and deathless aural terrorism, the most impressive album of that ilk since the Velvet Underground…”, high praise indeed.

Wreckless Eric, best known for the excellent Stiff Records single Whole Wide World, formed the band with two ex-Milkshakes and recorded the whole thing in a day. Most songs were finished in one take and it’s unclear if a producer was necessary, though I’m guessing not. This gives the songs a bursting at the seams immediate energy that can only come from a band totally locked in, playing songs they totally believe in. This is the history of rock and roll, distilled into nine songs, presented in a true rock and roll fashion.

The band recorded one album previous after this, It’s Combo Time, also in 1986, and then broke up. Both records were put out on a compilation in 2003 on Wreckless Eric Presents The Len Bright Combo. Again it failed to show up on many radars.

Enough praise/hyperbole, here are some tracks.
Someone Must’ve Nailed Us Together

You’re Gonna Screw My Head Off

The Golden Hour Of Harry Secombe