Lost Classics: For The Whole World To See

Death For The WHole World To See

Detroit’s death never got to put out an album during the brief time in the early 70s they were actually together, but For The Whole World To See is a fairly good approximation of what one would have sounded like.

David, Bobby and Dannis Hackney were three African-American brother who started out playing funk and soul, but eventually got turned on to the local sounds of Iggy and the Stooges and The MC5 and added a proto-punk string to their bow. Changing their name from Rock Fire Funk Express (which is an awesome name by the way) to Death they starting writing politically charged rock and roll, catching the attention of Columbia Records’ Clive Davis. Soon after Davis met the band he began to pressure them to change their name before he would sign them, but in a display of true punk spirit they flatly refused and Columbia Records lost interest in the trio.

Unfortunately for the band and music fans there weren’t any other labels interested in putting out music by three black brothers making political statements via punk rock under such an uncompromising moniker and they only managed to put out one self-released single in 1976, breaking up soon after. Finally, over thirty years after the fact, Drag City had the good sense to put out Death’s seven song catalogue on a compilation, For The Whole World To See. Below are some samples from the record…

Rock-N-Roll Victim

Where Do We Go From Here

Politicians In My Eyes


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