Lost Classics: Clean Out Of Our Minds

Everyone knows The Clean, at least I think most people who’ve ever tuned into This Is Hardcore are aware of them, but far less people know their short-lived side-project The Great Unwashed. After The Clean broke up in 1982, the Kilgour brothers kept writing music as The Great Unwashed. The resulting sound didn’t stray terribly far from the familiar Flying Nun template, rather a more lo-fi and experimental set of songs were produced, becoming Clean Out Of Our Minds (yes, they evidently enjoyed puns). Sadly the project only lasted until 1984 before they broke up the band, again. Anyway, Clean Out Of Our Minds would probably be a lot more well known had it been released under the Clean moniker, but as it stands it’s a little known gem. If you see it, buy it.

Small Girl

Yesterday Was

Toadstool Blues


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