Podcast 5

It rained really, really hard last week, so we skipped the show. Just trust me that we would have drowned on the way to the studio, taking our equipment down with us. Totally understandable, right? Anyway, we were back this week to play music and talk nonsense. In addition to the songs in the playlist below, look forward to us talking about musicians we’d like to punch, Lakers vs Celtics and some really bad jokes.

Same as always, click through to listen on your browser, or right click to save as and listen at your leisure.

Podcast 5

No Summer – No Joy
Vanishing Cream – The Fresh & Onlys
Tell ‘Em – Sleigh Bells
So Your Baby Doesn’t Love You Anymore – The Art Museums
Golden Age – Beach Fossils
I Do What I Do – The Yolks
You – Gold Panda
How They Kill You – HORSE MACGYVER
The Overachievers – Liars
hard workin’ man – wild harem
Old Folks – Real Estate
The Americans Are Gonna Kill Us – Vorn
To Clean – Woods
2 +2 = _ – Ty Segall
7 and 7 is – Charlie and the Moonhearts
Depth Charge Ethel – Grinderman
Prize Fighter – Golden Triangle
Pearly Gates – Disappears
Small Girl – The Great Unwashed
Toadstool Blues – The Great Unwashed
Yesterday Was – The Great Unwashed
Laser Jam – Bleach Boys
Rambunctious Nosferatu – Influence
Throw Your Money Away – Uptown Bums
Guilt – Caddywhompus
Bright Lit Blue Skies – Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
Missed Flight – My Wet Calvin
I Know I Got Religion – Kurt Vile
Everything Went Black – Thee Oh Sees
Runway Houses City Clouds – Tame Impala
Boba Fett – The Clap
I’m Gonna Die – Waylon Thornton
Jack The Ripper – The Horrors


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