Lost Classics: The Nerves – The Nerves

"the Nerves", "the nerves ep"

This week’s Lost Classic isn’t actually an album, rather a four track EP by The Nerves, a great, largely unheard 70’s power trio from Los Angeles. Though they only managed to stay together long enough for the one self-titled 1976 release, they did manage to make an impression on Blondie, who covered their Hanging On The Telephone. The other three songs are similarly catchy, perfect pop. The sort of songs that should’ve been the start of a brilliant career.

There weren’t many copies of the EP pressed, so needless to say, if you see a copy, buy it immediately. It has been reissued recently with additional material (buy here), and I’ve seen a couple of live bootlegs, but these are still too hard to find for something this essential. Luckily, you can stream the entire thing below. You’re welcome.

Hanging On The Telephone

When You Find Out

Give Me Some Time

Workin’ Too Hard


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