Lost Classics: The Outsiders – CQ

The Outsiders CQ

The Outsiders were a Dutch psych/garage band formed by Wally Tax who were active in the mid to late 1960s, gaining some limited international recognition with their 1967 single “Touch” that was later included on the Nuggets II compilation. As a representation of their early sound it’s a fairly accurate and enjoyable picture of the band and the “Nederbeat” movement, by the time 1968 came around however, the band had grown significantly and branched off in several, weirder directions. They released the psychedelic masterpiece, CQ, to bemusement and disinterest in their home country and as a result, it was barely heard outside of The Netherlands. Thankfully hardcore record collectors heard something they liked in the mixture of heavy psych and freak folk and kept the album’s flame burning.

It’s hard as a listener now to understand how The Outsiders didn’t have a fervent following. But given the band were banned from several venues due to their infamously raucous live shows and that they refused to record any covers, it’s easy to see why the small Dutch record industry was reluctant to give them much push. By the time Nederbeat’s popularity had come and gone after 1967, The Outsiders hadn’t yet had a record released in the States. If only blogs existed in the summer of love.

CQ was the second and last album released by The Outsiders, a shame given the progression from the debut. It is a classic though, and for that all fans of 60s garage and psychedelic music should listen up and be grateful. If you ever see a copy, buy it immediately, skip to the title track, slip on some headphones, and enjoy…

C.Q. – The Outsiders

Daddy Died On Saturday – The Outsiders

Happyville – The Outsiders


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