Ain’t nothin’ but a playlist and some mp3s after the jump

Lovely One – Ty Segall
Snowmelt – Weed Diamond

Who Does? – Bee Eyes
Bobby’s Hash – Cave
no no mr greenspan – Deep Sht
Tomorrow Will Be Yesterday – Girls At Dawn
East – The Bitters
Yesterdays Don’t Mean Shit – girls in the eighties
I Want to Stay (I Run Away) – Happy Birthday
Jela – Cold Pumas
Pirate Key – Male Bonding
Ex-Best Friend – Night Wounds
You’re gonna screw my head off – Len Bright Combo
Someone must’ve nailed us together – Len Bright Combo
The golden hour of Harry Secombe – Len Bright Combo
Almost Island – Fair Ohs
Paris Cafes – The Art Museums
Lovers Rock – Gentle Friendly
The Legend Of God’s Gun – Spindrift

Lord Is My Gun – Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor
Losin’ Time – Wooden Shjips
She-Bears – Grooms
Buzzards – Dan Friel
Fever If Fire – Naam
Providence – The Love Language
Shackleton – So Cow
Honest James – Thurston Moore
The Longest Shadows – High Places
Evil, With Evil, Against Evil – A Sunny Day In Glasgow
Dominos – The Big Pink
Vamos [Live] – Pixies


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