Lost Classics: The Len Bright Combo

The Len Bright Combo

Last night’s highlighted lost classic was a (completely) forgotten (absolute) gem from Wreckless Eric’s discography; 1986’s The Len Bright Combo present The Len Bright Combo by the Len Bright Combo. An album so unjustly overlooked it doesn’t even have a wikipedia page. Nor does The Len Bright Combo. Information is a bit hard to come by, and sadly the likelihood of ever spotting a physical copy on shelves is next to none. This ought not to be the case, as the AMG review states “…peerless merging of pristine pop songwriting and deathless aural terrorism, the most impressive album of that ilk since the Velvet Underground…”, high praise indeed.

Wreckless Eric, best known for the excellent Stiff Records single Whole Wide World, formed the band with two ex-Milkshakes and recorded the whole thing in a day. Most songs were finished in one take and it’s unclear if a producer was necessary, though I’m guessing not. This gives the songs a bursting at the seams immediate energy that can only come from a band totally locked in, playing songs they totally believe in. This is the history of rock and roll, distilled into nine songs, presented in a true rock and roll fashion.

The band recorded one album previous after this, It’s Combo Time, also in 1986, and then broke up. Both records were put out on a compilation in 2003 on Wreckless Eric Presents The Len Bright Combo. Again it failed to show up on many radars.

Enough praise/hyperbole, here are some tracks.
Someone Must’ve Nailed Us Together

You’re Gonna Screw My Head Off

The Golden Hour Of Harry Secombe


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