Norman Dolph Acetate

Norman Dolph Acetate by The Velvet UndergroundYou may or may not have heard the story of this, the rare acetate of an alternate version of The Velvet Underground’s classic debut album The Velvet Underground & Nico. Bought for a mere 75 cents in a Chelsea, New York flea market by collector Warren Hill and sold for over US$25,000 on an eBay auction a few years later. It’s likely out of most people’s price range. I thought I’d stream some of the different versions of the songs that appear on the acetate for comparisons sake below. And if you like it, dig around a little, a ripped version was leaked in 2007 and is worth the effort for the diehards…

The version of I’m Waiting For The Man is markedly different to the one that eventually appeared on the final cut, featuring different lyrics and intro amongst other details

The Acetate features a different mix of All Tomorrows Parties with the keys higher up and the drums seeming to have more punch.

The different take on Venus In Furs included is about 30 seconds shorter than the version used on the final record and features a slightly different vocal from Lou and the cello is higher in the mix.

There we go, my nerdiness indulged for the day.


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