One Moment, Please

GVsB Animal Collective

Animal Collective


For your viewing pleasure, and to indulge myself, here are a few pictures from my favorite Flickr stream, Gorilla Vs. Bear Polaroids. I’ve become so sick of the over shined, shopped and posed press type photos gracing the pages of music magazines currently that finding this little oddball collection made my heart skip.


GVsB Girls


Instant nostalgia. Makes me yearn for more film for my hungry Polaroid. The collection is closing in on 1,000 photos- no mean feat, and all shot on beautiful, lovely, papery Polaroids, or super bright and hazy Holga medium format.


GVsB Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear

It works as a supplement to the blog itself, Gorilla Vs. Bear, which is always worth a look and your time for a new music fix. I envision the photographer as someone who lives in a parallel universe, where high school has just finished forever and it’s the last summer before the big wide will swallow them up. They’re in perpetual motion, following their favorite bands about in a shitty beat up old car, sleeping late, making new friends, drinking too much beer too often and getting sunburnt sitting about in the sand and the dust. What I mean is, these photos feel personal- like the photographer has unearthed them from a shoe box kept under the bed to show to you, and only you. A peek in an old album, or a scrapbook buried on the bookshelf.


GVsB Smith Westerns

Smith Westerns

Anyway, if you have a couple of hours to spare, appreciate unusual film formats, great bands, and unpretentious photography, check it out. From well-known indie bands to sonic obscurities, live shots to portraits, its got a bit of everything beautiful and musical for the eyes.


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