Somewhere Up There Is A Star With Your Name On It


Comet Gain are an old new obsession of mine. Old, because they began in the UK in 1992, and heck that’s 18 years ago now- new, because I just discovered them through the great archive style compilation Broken Record Prayers, released this year on What’s Your Rupture? The video for their latest single, Love Without Lies can be found after the jump…

Awww, bless those cool looking guys and gals- I had a nostalgic moment there when I was sure they were riding the Clockwork Orange, and ‘lo I find that this is shot in both London and Glasgow… gosh, I never thought I would feel homesick for public transport and freezing my butt off!

They like their pop jangly, dour and Scottish (I hear Orange Juice in there, I swear) and they like their punk Riot Grrl and Buzzcocks, messy and hollered, and I like how it works. Boy/ Girl duets and dual vocals have been done to death (and only well sometimes… hello Los Campesinos!) yet with Comet Gain the dual vocals work well without sounding twee, adding interest to what might otherwise sound a bit samey from song to song. I’m also falling more and more in L-O-V-E with their super crunchy, distorted cover of The Clean’s classic song Beatnik– which sounds like they’re piping it out in a station with the rushing tunnel sounds of trains passing, eventually dissolving into pure and beautifully unhinged sounding noise that only the most truly talented of bands can make people want to hear.

On the flipside, this fertile musical soil seems to sprout some gentle and sweet songs too- even if the characters in the songs are forlorn, downtrodden sounding wee things living out their poetically mundane lives, they’re doing it to the soundtrack us real life boring people wish we had made for us. But we can always pretend. Just listen. Dreams never end.

Comet Gain – Beatnik

Comet Gain – You Can Hide Your Love Forever


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