The Love Language

042609_LoveLanguageNorth Carolina’s The Love Language may tour and play as a seven piece, but they are the sole vision of multi-instrumentalist Stu McLamb. Recorded by McLamb on a four track in his bedroom, their self-titled debut is a starkly intimate affair. Spector-esque pop stripped down to reveal beautiful flaws, The Love Language play some of the most personal, lovelorn lo-fi I’ve ever heard. These songs would be fantastic however they were presented, but the scratchy echoes really make them more personal, which given the subject matter adds another dimension. For an album full of songs about relationships gone and those that will never have the chance it manages to remain strangely uplifting – probably because you know it’ll get better, probably because you’ve been there before.

It’s one of my very favourite releases this year and one that seems to have been a bit neglected. Enjoy these songs below and if they please you buy here.

The Love Language – Sparxxx

The Love Language – Lalita

The Love Language – Providence


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