A Quiet Day

Beach Fossils are the band your friend introduced you to when you both pulled sickies to get off work and drive to the beach in the rain. Because it was Spring. Chain smoking rollies, you started the car every hour to make sure the radio wouldn’t run the battery dead, and watched the waves break on the rocks through the fog on the windscreen.

Beach Fossils – Daydream


Daydream is my favorite pop song of the year- it hums with warmth, with a strange shimmer to it from the heavy reverb on the vocals. To me, it feels at once now and past, nostalgic but in the moment (I guess that’s known as timeless?). Dustin Payseur, the person behind Beach Fossils,  is still a rather anonymous entity on the internet- all I know is that he hails from Brooklyn, NYC and that he’s affiliated with the Woodsist crew, but what great bands aren’t these days?*

No album as yet, but I’ve got my fingers crossed…

*Disclosure: I adore all things Woodsist.


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