Nature’s Better Tracklisting

naturesbetterLast night was the first edition in the Nature’s Better series of New Zealand music themed shows on This Is Hardcore. We’ll definitely be revisiting this idea in the not to distant future as there was so much we wanted to cover, if you have a favourite New Zealand produced song, or an undiscovered gem, let us know in the comments. Also if you are a local band and want to share some of your stuff, send it our way. Tracklisting and mp3s after the jump…

We’re All Lions  –  The Coshercot Honeys
Opium Of The People  –  The Mint Chicks
Still Fond  –  Cut Off Your Hands
Assassin  –  The Kiwi Animal
Billy Two  –  The Clean
You Cheat Yourself Of Everything That Moves  –  The Verlaines
Pink Frost  –  The Chills
Beelines To Heaven  –  Garageland

Backroom  –  Sneaky Feelings
Scenester  –  The Sneaks
+Kicks And Kicks  –  Signer

Starry Eyes  –  White Birds And Lemons
Louis the First  –  Tall Dwarfs
Anti-Social  –  The Spelling Mistakes
Rebel  –  Toy Love

Fools Run Wild  –  The Actualities


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