Tell Me Man, When Does the Fun Begin?

I’m not really a Tarantino fan, so I haven’t actually seen anything else from Deathproof other than this lap dance scene- but oh my and mercy me, what a scene! Mainly for the music, a totally killer track by an old Doo-wop band called The Coasters– also known for their hits ‘Yakity-yak’ and ‘Charlie Brown’. Not exactly great songs, ‘Yakity-yak’ in particular definitely makes me, well… yak.  But I promise that ‘Down In Mexico’, their first single, is nothing short of awesome. I’ve been thrashing this on the show and will be playing it for sure when we DJ at The Watusi this Friday night.My favorite song at the moment, the video above doesn’t really do it justice as it cuts it short, losing the spoken word section, so I’ve put the full version of the song and some more ramblings after the jump.


I have a dear friend of mine to thank for drawing my attention to this song- it is somewhat of a lost classic. I love the horns, bongo solo (!), Carl Gardner’s lead vocal and the way he plays with the lyrics- mexicali (especially the strong upward inflection on it in the opening line), making piano rhyme with bandanna, and how when he sings it you really feel like he’s telling you a story, letting you in on a little secret about that slightly feral honky-tonk bar- you know, ’cause you’re already headed down there and all…


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