Last Nite

Times New Viking, whose new album Born Again Revisted was featured

Times New Viking

I’ve put last night’s playlist for our new music special, which features, amongst other 2009 albums Times New Viking’s Born Again Revisited, on here for anyone who wants a reminder of what those awesome songs were. But first, something else happened last night; the Blackcaps continued their winning ways with a slightly nervy win against an in-form England. With Shane Bond looking like approaching his hostile best can a final berth be in the offing? We shall see. Music after the jump.

1. Anoanimal – Andrew Bird

2. Bear – The Antlers

3. Ready, Able – Grizzly Bear

4. Martin Luther King Day – Times New Viking

5. No Time, No Hope – Times New Viking

6. Move To California – Times New Viking

7. Walkabout (ft. Noah Lennox) – Atlas Sound

8. Summertime Clothes – Animal Collective

9. Cebe & Me – Cold Cave

10. Temecula Sunrise – Dirty Projectors

11. Stillness Is The Move – Dirty Projectors

12. No Intention – Dirty Projectors

13. Dead Alive – Kurt Vile

14. Voodoo – Ganglians

15. Three Decades – The Horrors

16. Laura – Girls

17. Big Bad Mean Mother Fucker – Girls

18. Morning Light – Girls

19. Lalita – The Love Language

20. Can’t Get Over You – Vivian Girls

21. Never Been To Church – Meth Teeth

22. I Am A Girlfriend – Nobunny

23. Chuck Berry Holiday – Nobunny

24. Boneyard – Nobunny

25. Optimist vs The Silent Alarm (When The Saints Go Marching In) – Casiotone For The Painfully Alone

26. Deadbeat Summer – Neon Indian

27. New Wife, New Life – Truman Peyote

28. 2-Morro Morro Land – Lightning Bolt

29. Hole In My Head – Box Elders

30. Number One – Teenage Lovers

31. Tokyo Gamblers – Holy Shit

32. Siren Song – Bat For Lashes


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