Blackcaps win game!

108774They did, and quite handily too. Though how they will fare against a surprisingly in-form England without Jesse Ryder remains to be seen. Here’s hoping they continue to build on the promising batting performance and advance to the semi-final stages.

Thought I’d post last weeks playlist when we were joined by our friend Ben here after the jump.

1. Sick Modern – Diet Cola

2. Should Have Taken Acid With You – Neon Indian

3. True Faith – New Order

4. Don’t Lie – The Mantles

5. Nobunny Loves You – Nobunny

6. I Wanna Be Your Boy – Teenage Lovers

7. Worried Worried – Mayo Thompson

8. US Teens Are Spoiled Bums – Half Japanese

9.Tribute To The Punks Of ’76 – The Friendly Hopefuls

10. Took My Lady To Dinner – King Khan & His Shrines

11. Navajo – Black Lips

12. Angels – Black Mountain

13. Down In Mexico – The Coasters

14. From A Camels Hump – ZOO

15. No Friend Of Mine – The Sparkles

16-18. Mystery Songs (we didn’t have the tracklisting)

19. Maybe After He’s Gone – The Zombies

20. Wouldn’t It Be Nice – The Beach Boys

21. O, Dana – Big Star

22. I Will Kill Again – Jarvis Cocker

23. I Wanna Kill – Crocodiles

24. There Goes My Gun (BBC Session) – Pixies

25. No. 13 Baby (Elvis Presley) – Pixies Cover

26. Safe As Milk (Take 5) – Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band

27. Sherger The Wonder Horse – Bette Davis & The Balconettes

28. Dead City/Waste Wilderness – Abe Vigoda

29. Triceratops – HEALTH

30. Things I Did When I Was Dead – No Age

31. Laura – Girls

32. Head Hunters – Graffiti Island

33. Teenage Timebomb – The Okmoniks

34. Goodnight Ladies – Lou Reed


One response to “Blackcaps win game!

  1. For the sake of completion, the three mystery tracks were:

    GASLAMP KILLER: showstopper
    FLYING LOTUS: 1983.

    I’ve been going mental on soulseek again. keep stumbling on bands I think you’d dig if you’re not digging them already. We should do that exchange soon.
    Nice site by the way. Perhaps you could start streaming NFL games.

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